Fall fashion in navy colors

Hello everyone,

Beautiful and sweet Tani with Bohemian Vanity made me think about my favorite season. Is it summer? Is it fall? I would probably say it depends on the country. In my native land of Bulgaria, it is summer, and at my current location (Atlanta, GA), it is fall. I think these pictures represent best what I love about fall : the colors, the indirect sunlight, the muted tones of fashion, and the fresh air (you can picture that:). This is my favorite office look of the moment:

Teodora B. Navy Long sleeve Printed Blouse
Teodora B. Navy/mustard Ribbon Skirt






  1. That is such a lovely look for the office! I really like that printed blouse! :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. Moga li da kaga ne6to po-pazli4no ot tova,koeto sam kazvala do sega.

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